Great Tips That Will Help You Take Perfect Selfies


Taking selfies is an art

To take a great selfie, you have to perfect so many things. Only the true selfie connoisseurs have hacked how to take awesome selfies that guarantee them lots of likes. If you haven’t found the perfect strategy, you’ve come to the right place. These tips will take your selfie game from 0-100

1. Get good lighting

When it comes to selfies, lighting is everything. Natural light upgrades your selfie and makes you look really good. If you’re taking your selfie indoors, find a window and take your selfie near it. Natural light is the best filter.

2. Work your angles

To take a great selfie, you have to know to work the camera in such a way that it shows your best angles. Kim Kardashian, who takes the best selfies has a golden tip: Keep your chin down, and the camera up.

3. Smile!

A smile lights up your face. You can pout if you’d rather do that though.

4. Choose a great background

Make sure the background of your selfie is clear.  There’s nothing worse than taking a great selfie then spotting something nasty in the background.


5. Take lots of selfies

It’s pretty hard to get the perfect selfie the first time you try. Make sure you take as many selfies as you can, so you have a lot of options to pick from.

6.  Be confident

If you feel confident and sexy, chances are that you’ll look confident and sexy.

7. Don’t over edit

It can be quite tempting to use a lot of filters to edit your selfie, but don’t fall into the trap. Less is more.




Demi Oke

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