Guys get in here, 10 Solid Signs She Is Not Interested In Your WhatsApp Conversation


Guys are stubborn and it reflects in the way they text a lady.

Ladies know this but sometimes find it hard to make guys understand that they don’t want to have a WhatsApp conversation.

Here are 10 solid signs a lady does not want to chat you. Advice yourself.

1. The ‘k’ Answers

When she ‘k’ absolutely everything you text her, man, she just wants you to leave her dm.

2. Not Asking Basic And Routine Pleasantry Questions

Let’s face it, nobody really wants to know how you’re doing or how work or school was. It’s just to keep the conversation going. If she doesn’t ask it, don’t stress it. She’s just not interested.

3. Inadequate Use Of ‘lol’ To Keep The Conversation Going

Lol is the universal bailout when you don’t know what to say next. If she uses it a lot even when it’s not necessary, then she just wants you out.


4. Running Away After You ‘Hi/Hello/Greet’ Them On WhatsApp

The moment your ‘hello’ drops, she leaves WhatsApp. Till another of your hellos drop.


5. If The Minimum Time For A Reply Is Two Working Days

This is self-explanatory.


6. Not Laughing At Your Very Funny Jokes

A joke even your father laughs at. Why, why, why?


7. Frequently Leaving The Conversation With Or Without Notice

Brb is there for a reason but she’s not coming back, is she?


8. She Has NEVER Initiated Conversation With You On WhatsApp

Since you had her contact, she has never initiated a conversation. That should tell you something.

9. Throwing Shade With Her Status And dp

She tells you she’s tired and can’t text but posts this as her status the next morning:

Last night was lit af. You made my night even though it was just a chat on WhatsApp. I could talk to you all night.


10. She Tells You: ‘Please, Don’t WhatsApp Me’

This is a clear message. So just DON’T





Demi Oke

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