(Guys, Get In Here) Signs the woman you are having S3X with has an STD



It is important that you always stay safe sexually, as Sexually Transmitted Diseases are the most common kinds.

As a man, if you are sexually active, you should also be alert for signs that the woman you are having sex with could have an STD. Below are suspicious signs to look out for.

‘Fishy Smell’: There is a difference between this kind of odor and the one that comes from an unhygienic woman. If she literally smells like fish down there, then you need to have a conversation with her about her health.


You itch: You might not be so sure if her vagina is itchy, but if your penis get itchy after having sex with her, then something is not right. This means she has a form of vaginal infection.

Sex hurts: If she suddenly starts to complain that sex hurts, then this might be a side effect of an STD or vaginal infection.

Sores: Most men can go through a sexual routine with a woman and not even know what her vagina looks like. This is not being smart. If you take a look at it and you notice it has sores or blisters, then this is a sign she needs to get checked.


Be informed that most STDs could be easily cured if found out on time, so if you suspect something, do her a favour by letting her know so she can get checked. Also, always use a Condom, regardless of whether or not you suspect she has a disease as most infections are not usually very obvious.




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