Here are some annoying things our friends and family abroad usually do.


Don’t we all have friends and family abroad whose utterances, demands and attitude make us suck our teeth or roll our eyes?


Here are some annoying things our friends and family abroad usually do. We still love them though

1. Pretending to be unfamiliar with the local currency

“How much is that in dollars or pounds?” Yeah right ….


2. Pretending they can’t speak the local language

But you just traveled two weeks ago *shocked face* …

3. Deliberately “slanging or slurring” to tell everyone they’ve stayed abroad

4. Comparing locally-made international dishes to the ones abroad

“the Pizza crust in Naija tastes like tea bread “… really bro?


5. Over-judging local food

“Meanwhile you chop am aa before you left naija”



6. Asking family and friends traveling abroad from home to bring with them the weirdest stuff

Can you buy me maggi cubes, mosquito spray/coil, thisway chocolate drink, koobi, silvershine, tampico etc. … Are you not in the land of choices when it comes to brands??

7. Overdressing when they come home

They usually have it at the back of their minds that they are coming home to kill it (fashion-wise) by wearing the trendiest stuff when they come home, ending up over-dressing all the time.


8. Taking the whole country with them back abroad

When Africans abroad visit home and are going back, they take stuff like momoni (rotten fish), maggi cubes, raid mosquito spray etc. Really though? It’s as if they want to take the whole country with them on their way back …


9. Constantly complaining about living standards abroad

Being it snow, taxes, over-working … my brother/sister somebody send you?


10. Exaggerating their cravings for local foods

…. “as soon as I get to Naija, I want Fan Milk, Alvaro” … OK -_-


11. Feeling special

Just because they’ve stayed abroad and we haven’t *rolling our eyes*

12. Constantly degrading local stuff

“West Hills mall is not like Westfield mall” … and so what? ..


13. Constantly complaining about the state of Africa

“roads are too bad”, “there’s so much heat in Naija” … don’t we know that already? *rolling eyes*


15. Confusing the seasons of the year

In naija we have two, rainy and dry season but our friends from abroad won’t stop bothering us with Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn … yabr3 mo!


16. Taking photos of every goddamn thing

…. even a lizard -_- …. really bro? Lizard wey you no see before?


Did we miss anything? Add more … BTW it’s all love, we still love you guys …





Demi Oke

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