Here is how you can stay safe in today’s technologically crazy world….


Technology is here to stay and has been a blessing to many but it also comes with its problems…

here are the ways you can stay safe in today’s technological world.

1.  Make Sure To Update Your Softwares

Don’t be troubled any time your computer or phone ask for updates, they are very important and also meant to keep you safe. Any time your computer updates certain software and anti-viruses, they always close a gate a hacker can use to get to your computer. It doesn’t hurt a fly, just make sure you update all the time when your system asks for an update.  It saves you from a lot of trouble.

2. Know Who Your Friends Are On Social Media

You have 5,000 friends but you know only 20 in real life and you’re proud of it and you never thought of the danger it could bring. Out of the 5,000, not everyone became a friend on Facebook because they wanted to be friends, some sent you a friend request because they wanted to monitor or spy on you. Not everyone who sends you a friend request is a friend, some are criminals and so it is best to know all those behind the faces on Facebook.

We are sure when we said you should know all your friends on Facebook, you thought we meant you should go visit them all, no! that’s not what we meant. It is good to know those behind the images on your friend’s list. Cross check the images on your friend’s Display Picture on Google and if it sends you to a different link of someone else, then they are fake and has a good reason why they are hiding behind someone else’s picture, just block or unfriend them. Don’t also accept friend requests from people who decide not to have profile pictures unless you know them personally and knows they have a good reason for doing that and also those who use cats, flowers, dogs etc. are not the right people who are ready to be friends. If they can see your picture, what prevents them from allowing you to see them.

Same goes for all the other social media platforms.

3. Email Spam

Gone are the days when you could easily spot an email spam, these days spammers have mastered how to hide certain features that can easily make you spot one.

You have to be careful when you receive emails from websites you made purchases from because hackers can use your details and email you to get information from you and use it to rob you.

These are some few tips to look out for, if you receive an email from, for instance, Amazon after a purchase and it says, “Dear Valued Customer” and doesn’t use your name, know that it is a spam or fake because when filling your details, you used your name so Amazon can use your name, it is a spam don’t pay attention to it, or else scammers can use such information to hack your system. Don’t click on any links, just delete it.

However, if you’re curious and don’t want to believe it is fake and want to check, there is a way to go about it. Don’t click on any links that you’re provided, go to your web address and type in the full address of the website, log into your account and do a proper check but not from the email you were provided.

4. Hotel Credit Card Scam

This is something you need to take serious, especially if you’re a regular traveller. If you check into a hotel and you receive a call saying it is coming from the front desk and so they will need your credit card details, just hang up and walk down to the front desk and ask what it was about. Never give your credit card details on the phone, scammers can call the front desk and asked to be transferred to you. They do this by random selection, so be careful.

5. Car Key Alarms

Thanks to technology, most cars these days are computerised and many come with car key alarms. You might not see this as a life saver but it is. Always make sure to have your car keys closer to your bed where your hands could reach them easily. Now, in case you hear an intruder in your house, instead of trying to go down there to hit them with a bat, it will be advisable to hit on the car key alarm, this will alert curious neighbours or scare even the intruder away.

6. Announcing Your Location

When you go on a trip to Dubai, be careful what you post on social media. Posting about your trips to Dubai clearly shows that you’re not home and you’ve left your house to the mercy of criminals. Friends who follow you on social media can monitor your movement and rob you.

This doesn’t mean you can’t share your favourite pictures with friends, you can, but only do that when you return. That way, criminals will have the surprise of their lives when they come to meet you at home.

7. Be Careful What You Share On Social Media

If you’re a worker, you need to be mindful of what you share on social media because this can get you fired and we’ve seen a lot.

If you’re job searching, it makes more sense to watch what you share also. You wouldn’t want to end up in an interview with MTN and the first thing they show to you is your post on social media saying how useless their network is.


8. Be Careful With Free Wi-Fi

It is not easy to get access to free wi-fi in the country but sometimes you get lucky and you hook onto a Wi-Fi and you realize it is free, no password protected and so you go ahead and start doing all the things you needed to do with the internet. You need to be careful with such Wi-Fi connections because as the saying goes, “there is nothing like a free lunch”.  Some of these free Wi-Fi connections are a trap opened to get you in.

If you get access to such Wi-Fi, just use it to browse innocent pages such as read my blog or Visit my Facebook page or watch some of my videos on youtube etc. but never use it to login into your Bank’s App or use some of the money paying apps online such as ExpressPay or SlydePay. It is a way hackers can use to track your transactions and rob you clean. And when using such Wi-Fi’s make sure any website you’re visiting has the “https://” which means it is secured, if not it can’t be trusted.





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