“My Girlfriend Smells Really Bad Down There”–But I Do Not Know How to Tell Her Without Offending Her…


((Straight From My Inbox))

Hi Demi,

I have been dating my Nigerian girlfriend for 3 months and she is a wonderful lady.

In fact, she is not anything like the existing stereotypes about Nigerian women. She is not loud, not aggressive and she has a kind heart.

Though everything is going well and the relationship is still in our earlier days, I have a big problem which I do not know how to let her know.

She smells down there which makes me really uncomfortable whenever we have s*x. It actually puts me off and I am not talking about a light scent, something really harsh to the nose.

The conundrum therefore is, how do I tell her she smells down there without offending her especially because she is that sensitive type.

Even right after a shower, when we do it, the smell still will be exuding.

Obeng A from Ghana.


From me,

You must tell her, because she might be suffering from yeast infection or some type of vagina infection. The truth is always bitter but it need to be told. It will be better to let her know so she can talk to her doctor, i mean every girl smell down there but if the smell is unbearable, then she is suffering from some infection.

Thank you.





Demi Oke


  1. She probibly has vaginosis and if not treated it will get worst. He needs to tell her weather she likes it or not. She needs to see a doctor and change the way she eats and stop wear certain type of underwear such as thungs and tight jeans .

  2. I beg to differ, Not every girl smells down there. Personal Hygiene is the issue. It even depends on how you bath. Hers might be an infection but sorry to say many girls don’t know how to keep really clean.

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