Nigerian Woman Arrested In Ireland For Forwarding WhatsApp BC Containing Child Pornography



 WhatsApp BCs can land people in trouble!

Young Africans are absolutely tired of the numerous BCs their parents and older relatives send to them daily. Like we are so tired!

Parents never think the messages they are forwarding could get them and the recipients into trouble.

This was the case of a Nigerian woman, Jadesola Agbalade, in Ireland who was remanded in jail for distributing child pornography. Jadesola received a BC containing a video of a child getting raped and she forwarded it on to another woman who had young children, telling her not to leave her children alone with her boyfriend.


She just forwarded a BC she received on WhatsApp and a police investigation into fraud somehow led to her arrest.

Jadesola will now have to register as a sex offender and even serve jail time for distributing child pornography. According to the police, Jadesola didn’t even realise the enormity of what she had done.

People should be careful of what they send and consume via Whatsapp BC because a simple BC can land one in trouble!




Demi Oke

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