Reasons why you are never too old for sex



Do you think your sex life is over once you are over 40? Think again. Countless studies have shown that age has never been a barrier for sex – for both men and women. If you doubt this, check out these reasons below.

Older men have more sexual appetite and drive:

Sexual activity among older adults is fuelled largely by male appetite  women are less likely to be active if their partners do not experience much desire and more likely if their partners do, new research has highlighted.

Longer life

Researchers at a German institute, found that a man’s chances of dying early are cut by 20 per cent if their bride is between 15 and 17 years their junior. They found that sex rates are highest among the simple and often bizarre ways to keep men healthy – including cutting down on pain killers, eating five apples a day, brushing teeth with your wrong hand and carrying wallets in the breast pocket. They also found that men with younger women – who look after the children and put food on the table – help extend their lives.

Older women love reading about sex

According to a recent poll involving 2000 women between 45 and 60, two-thirds said that they liked raunchy scenes in novels, and more than half described sex in books as “titillating”. A further 10 per cent said that they actively chose books that had lots of sex scenes.

Older couples are happier

The more often married individuals above the age of 65 engage in sex, the more likely they are to be happy with both their lives and marriages. Based on the survey responses of 238 married individuals in the US, aged 65 years or older, researchers found that frequency of sex significantly predicted both general and marital happiness.


Older women are sexually satisfied

Researchers from a reputed American University have uncovered that a woman’s sexual satisfaction increases with age despite low sexual desire. The likelihood of sexual activity declined with increasing age. The majority of the sexually active women, however, achieved orgasm most of the time or always.




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