Solid Reasons You Should Have Sex With Her While On Her Period


The degree to which men are afraid of periods, don’t want to talk about them, don’t want to be around their partners on their periods and overall like to pretend they don’t exist is maddening. If you’re a man, I bet your partner has had sex with you after you destroyed the bathroom following a big burrito. I bet she’s done it with you after you’ve been to the gym and haven’t showered. I bet she’s even done it with you when, honestly, you were being pretty lazy and annoying that day and she wasn’t even feeling that into you. And you can’t man up and have sex with her while she is going through something she cannot even control? That doesn’t seem fair now does it? You’ve heard the saying that if you can’t handle someone at their worst then you don’t deserve them at their best. Well, if you can’t handle the vagina at its worst, you don’t deserve it at its best. Here is why you should have period sex with your partner.


Because she lets you all month long

She lets you in there the rest of the month. She lets you put your penis inside of her all month long. Do you know how much a person has to trust someone and open up to let them inside of them? No. Because you’re a straight male. Well it’s kind of a big deal, so be willing to pay the toll. (But don’t call it a toll because that will make her mad).


It could put her in a better mood

You know how your partner is kind of cranky on her period? Well giving her an orgasm also gives her a burst of relaxing, mood-elevating hormones. You’ll both benefit from her being happier around the house


It could relieve her cramps

The way the uterus contracts during an orgasm can relieve cramps. Furthermore, orgasms produce natural pain-killing chemicals that alleviate some of your partner’s cramp-related pain. Are you really going to deprive her of this?


It’s the best lubrication

Period blood has a sticky consistency that mimics lube. If you’re willing to look away or close your eyes, it will just feel like the best lubrication you’ve ever used. And you can save some of the expensive store-bought stuff for another time


 It may end her period sooner

When your partner has an orgasm, it causes her uterus to contract, causing it to shed the lining and blood quicker than it normally would. If you’re willing to have period sex, you may be on the path back to non-period sex sooner.

She takes care of it for you

She keeps up with her gynecology appointments. She takes her pill every day or replaces her IUD in a timely manner. She shaves or waxes down there. She puts in a lot of maintenance down there for you, and you are going to abandon her in her time of need? Not cool

There’s always shower sex

If the mess really upsets you then you can always have shower sex. Or bath tub sex. Those are both very fun types of sex.

We’re down with your fluids

We let you put your semen in all sorts of places. We are totally comfortable with the fluids that come out of your bodies. You owe us the decency of getting comfortable with our fluids.

She is extremely horny

Your partner is horny on her period! If you deny her sex you are blue-balling her. Would she do that to you? Would she leave you hanging with a huge erection? Because metaphorically speaking, you are doing that to her. That’s cruel

The pregnancy risk is lower

There is almost a zero percent chance  that a woman will become pregnant within the first two days of her period. If you’ve been looking for a way to use fewer condoms, there you go.

Because grow up

If this is the woman in whom you’d one day like to put a baby then it’s time for you to grow up and recognize that the vagina is far more than the sex object it appears to be in adult films. You have a long road ahead of you with your partner’s vagina, so get comfortable with it.


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