The Types Of Messages We All Wants To Receive From Bae



Everyone definitely wants bae to do romantic things for them.

Relationships become fun when both parties are on the same page and are committed to making things work. Communication is one of the ways people can get on the same page and settle differences. In this age where texting is one of the major ways of communicating, here are some kinds of messages everyone wants to receive from their partner:

1. The midday text 

The midday text is not an everyday occurrence. It happens when either one of you has free time and just wants to check in on bae. When you’re having a stressful day, nothing works better for lifting your mood than a “how is going lover” text from bae. Trust me.

2. Unexpected compliment message

Imagine you’re out with your partner, having fun in a group and you decide to check your phone only to see “gosh, you’re so darn gorgeous” text from them. That will not only bring a smile to your face but will give you guys a private “love you moment” when your eyes meet from across the room.

3. I’ve got a surprise for you

Who doesn’t like surprises? The anticipation is enough to brighten any gloomy day.

4. Check out this meme/vine video text

A couple that laughs together, stays together. Getting the latest funny meme, vine or even YouTube video link from your partner brings you both together.


5. The I miss you message

Who doesn’t want to know that their partner misses them when they’re away? Everyone wants to be cherished and missed.

6. Do you want some food?

Who will say no to getting a text asking if you want some food at the end of the day? For many people who are foodies, the way to their heart is truly via their stomach.

7. I love you

Nothing makes people happier than knowing they are loved. And getting that affirmation daily, be it face to face or via text when they are far away.


What kind of texts do you often get from your partner?




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