Things African Uncles & Aunties Say That Annoy Us All



We all have that one uncle or aunty whose utterances annoy the living hell of us.

Especially when they say or do any of the following.

1. You have become fat o!

And this is supposed to be a compliment


2. Come and sit on my lap

Really bro? At my age, sit on your lap?


3. You’ve grown up paa o!

After not seeing me for over 10 years, you really expected me look the same?


4. Don’t let the boys deceive you o!

Mostly said to the girls


5. When are you bringing your girlfriend/boyfriend home?

When I have one


6. Just yesterday, you were born and was very little

“you used to be very little” …. So was I not supposed to grow ever?

7. So what are you doing with your life now?

I eat and sleep.

8. Always trying to show off their children’s accomplishment

“Did you hear Chinedu is now a doctor?”  Cool story bro!


9. Always want to embarrass you with an old habit

“Have you stopped stealing meat?”  Yes Please!




Demi Oke

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