Things No One Tells You About Life Abroad


The dream of most people in Naija to travel abroad in search of greener pastures. The understanding is that things are much easier there and one can make a lot of money within a short period of time.

Individuals who want to travel abroad spend loads of money using various means just to land abroad, either Europe or America. Even now, some are heading for Asia.

The big truth, however, is that things are not as rosy and easy as these travelers perceive them. Making money in these countries is not an easy task and even when you make it, taxes and other bills will take all away from you.

So, do you want to know the real truth about life abroad? Then read on with us.

1. It’s Not All Rosy

Even though the system works, it’s not all rosy abroad. They also have their struggles just like any other country. If you think moving abroad will solve all your problems, then think again because there are citizens in these countries living on food stamps. Yes, it means they are not working and are being taken care of by the government.



2. You’re On Your Own

Life abroad is fast paced and nobody has time to babysit anyone. Even if you’re lucky to get invited over by a relative, you’ll have to struggle through life over there on your own because they’ll be too busy with their numerous work to have time doing stuff for you. That applies to everyone else. You basically have to figure things out yourself.




3. Immigration troubles

As an illegal immigrant, it’s always a struggle between you, the police and immigration officers. You don’t have the papers making your stay there legit so you play a game of hide-and-seek with the authorities. If you think every police force in the world works like the naija police, then you’ll be in for a real shocker. To them, a crime is a crime and you’ll have to be prosecuted if arrested.



4. There Are Unemployed People There As Well

You think there are no unemployed people abroad so you want to run over there, right?. News flash, there as much unemployed people out there as there are in naija, maybe not that much. If you’re thinking of going there because you’ll find a job with the snap of a finger, then forget. Even some of their citizens are suffering.

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5. Getting A Job Is A Difficult Task

You can’t just step onto a foreign land and start working as many think. Getting a job there is quite difficult since there are many people who are also searching. They’ll first employ their citizens before it trickles down to other nationals. Aside that, you’ll have to go round searching for weeks before you probably land one. It’s not a bread and butter situation at all. If you don’t have your permit also, you won’t get certain jobs as well.




6. You Don’t Make Loads Of Money Like It’s Portrayed

The notion is that people abroad make a lot of money. It could be partially true since they are paid per hour but the truth is that this money goes into rent, utilities, transport and food so at the end of the day, you’ll have practically nothing left. Those with two or more jobs get to save some extra cash but it’s not as huge as you think.



7. Cost Of Living Is Very High

You complain that it’s difficult here but trust me, things are not easy outside as well, the cost of living is very high out there. Things are very expensive outside. Rent for a basic shared room is even more expensive than a chamber and hall self-contained apartment in Ojodu. Food and clothes also are quite expensive. There’s nothing like cheap over there so if that’s on your mind, then stay home.

Image: indiaToday

Image: indiaToday


8. Crazy Taxes 

Even with a good paying job abroad, taxes take a big chunk of your salary that means, all your money goes into taxes. Governments abroad do not play with their taxes and you risk a jail time if you fail to pay. Majority of your money will go into taxes.

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9. Cultural Shift

The cultural shift between naija and countries abroad is very contrasting and can be very confusing. In naija, you can go round greeting people and have people to chat with but outside, it’s a different thing, no one has time for that. From food to interactions to freedom and human rights, you’ll be introduced to so much if you’re not careful, you’ll end up coming home. Their whole way of life is a sharp contrast from what we have here.



10. There’s Nothing Free, Everything Must Be Paid For

You can’t just go to a neighbor and ask for salt or sugar like it happens here. You can’t decide to tap electricity from a neighbors room. Everything must be paid for over there. Unlike naija where you can get a lot of freebies from friends and relatives, it’s a different situation outside. This is mainly due to the fact that the cost of living is high and you have to work extra hard to make money to buy stuff so why give them out for free?

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