Things You Can Do In The Morning To Promote Weight Loss



No one wants to be overweight.

To stay in shape, starting your morning right is important. There are things you can actually do to facilitate weight loss when it’sstill early in the day! So many people rush through their mornings due to lack of planning and preparedness. Don’t be those people. Try these things and see how your weight changes, not to mention your mood!

1. Drink water.

This doesn’t mean you take a whole jug. Two cups of water in the morning helps to get your body ready for the day. Water keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxins. You want to make sure that you’re immediately doing one positive thing for your health by starting your day off with drinking water. It can be difficult to get in all the water you need throughout the day to support losing weight.


2. Don’t wake up too early.

Researchers have proved that not feeling rested makes you more likely to eat more throughout the day. Persistent lack of sleep screws with certain hormones, negatively influencing metabolism. Make sure you get enough sleep.


3. Meditate a bit.

The next thing you can do is 10 minutes of meditation in silence. Just kind of sit there. You can do this while drinking your water. Just use this time to meditate on what happened yesterday and what you want to do today. Maybe do a little bit of praying. Do whatever it is that helps you get focused for the day. This helps your mind relax and focus.  When the mind is relaxed, the body can relax. When the body is relaxed, the easier it is for metabolism and letting go of excess fat.


4. Do some stretches.

Ten minutes of some exercise in the morning is all it takes in the morning to get your body going and revved up and to get a little bit of blood flowing. As you get up, do some slow, gentle stretching to warm up. Try slowly twisting your spine, or pulling your knees into your chest. This gets you started burning more calories and to get your metabolism kick started.

5. Bask in the sun.

Ever heard of Vitamin D? That’simportant in weight loss and it only comes with the morning sun that is mixed with humidity. Also, the blast of sun rays has a mood-brightening, energizing effect—and a recent study found that people who got a dose of daily sunshine had lower BMIs than those who stayed in the dark.

6. Don’t skip breakfast.

Going breakfast-less is a surefire way to put on kilos. Many studies have shown that people who don’t eat breakfast have an increased risk of being overweight or obese, Blake noted. But eating breakfast can kick-start your metabolism, increase your alertness, improve your mood, and help with blood glucose control. Breakfast with proteins such as eggs and avocado helps a lot.

7. Walk a few meters when going to work or school.

Try parking your car some distance away from your office or if you are on a bus, alight at a stage that’s a bit far out where you can walk but still not be late. Walking is just one more way to move around, burning a few calories and powering your metabolism.





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