This might just be the last time I will be buying online.. they kinda suck



Okay guys, I think I have had it up to my neck with online shopping. I mean, a reputable store like fashion nova should not sell a jumpsuit with its metal rod sticking out. I have noticed that majority of the so called “popular online” stores sell cheap material just like this one I am wearing. Very disappointed.

This material is not only cheap, but it was a mass production, and the finishing would make you not to  buy from them again.

And did I mention that this jumpsuit has some weird ass grandma looking pantline “very noticeable”, people would think it’s your real underwear. Very tacky too.

i also rem few months ago, I ordered two dresses from an online store named “IvyRose”. Don’t be stupid like me, they are fraud. They will take your money and not send your order. However, you might be lucky to get one out of ten items that you ordered, and it will look like a ten yea are old made it. Careful about what you buy online, they are either fraud or mass production.







Demi Oke

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