Types Of Single People You Will Find On The Street Of Lagos


Everyone of us, once in our lives, has been single before.

How we handled or behaved towards it puts us in a particular group, which create types we might probably not be aware that people actually observe.

The way we behave when we are single tells a lot about us, these are the types we can find out there. Go through my list and find out where you belong.

1. The “I’m Done With Relationship” Single People

So there are the type of people who decide they are done with relationship and have nothing to do with no matter what and block their whole life from ever getting into a relationship. They just hate to hear the word “relationship”. This type prefer to do everything alone and never want to have anything to do with a partner and believe in doing things on their own.

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2. The Emotionally Single People

This type of single person is not really happy about being single and always break down when they see other couples. They really wish to be in a relationship but haven’t hooked up yet and so always get emotional and complains a lot about being single and nobody wanting them

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3. The Promiscuous Single People

This type is more like those who are afraid to commit. They are not in a relationship but every now and then, you find them with a new partner. They love one night stands and that’s it, the next day, they don’t know you anymore. If you ask them who they dating, they tell you point blank, they are a single.

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4. The Workaholic Single People

This type are already in a relationship so they don’t need anyone else, to put it simple, they are married to their job or work. They love their work so much they don’t even need anybody in their life because they feel they will be a distraction.

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5. The “Searcher” Single People

These are a types you always find moving from church to church searching for their better halves. These types will try anything that promises them of Mr. or Mrs. Right like dating sites, singles hangout etc

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6. The “I Don’t Care” Single People

This type doesn’t see the need for a relationship and do not show any passion towards finding one. If one comes along, fine!! If they don’t, they just move on.




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