What Are The Relationship Deal Breakers For You?? Mine will shock you….




So last Friday was girl’s night and with a couple of friends, we decided to hit town to cool off a bit. It was a weekly ritual that became a monthly to what it is now; once in a while when there was a juicy gist to share. I love spending time with my girls and I always looked forward to having one of these nights out.

On this particular night, the gist of the day, or should I say night was my friend who I would refer to as Remy for the purpose of this discussion.

She told us about this guy she had started seeing. She liked a lot of things about the guy; he was caring, kind, gentle and many other qualities some girls only get to dream about. There was just one problem: the guy couldn’t eat without opening his mouth. She said anytime they dined out, the guy would make it a point to start talking about something once the food hits his mouth.  And it was at that point in time that he will get enthusiastic about whatever he was talking about.

She said her worst experience with him was one time when the guy had just ingested yam and Okro stew, and he went ahead to display the unsightly combination of food in his mouth. She said she stopped looking at the guy the same way after that incident, and anytime she was about to kiss him a vision of the yam and stew combo in his mouth would appear, causing her to be hesitant about the kissing. According to her she was going to put a stop to their relationship because she just couldn’t get over his bad eating and talking habit.

After a few drinks and laughter, we all proceeded to talk about our own irks when it comes to the guys we were dating. I realized that most times, you don’t often know something irks you until you actually get to experience it.

For me, my top irks are guys who grow only one fingernail. They usually grow the pinky finger or the thump.  I still don’t understand the science behind that. Why do you even have to grow your fingernail that long?

It is simply unattractive for me. Another irk I have is guys who don’t spell well. I just can’t imagine being in love with a guy with poor spellings. Sometimes when I meet a guy, after the first text message, I can immediately place him at the appropriate level.

I mean would you die to spell who’s instead of spelling it as whu’s? Or spell ask as ‘azk’. My last irk is guys who have mouth odor. Forget any romance with me if you have that problem. I know as a couple dates for a long time there are certain traits they copy from each other and I certainly don’t want to inherit a mouth odor from anybody. I have other irks but these top 3 are definitely deal breakers for me

I asked a few guys what irks them about women and these are some of the few of the responses I got.

“It totally annoys me when girls over use make up. It makes them look clownish and unnatural. I was dating this girl who could not even see me without piling make up on her face. I once visited her and she had changed to her pajamas but had a full made up face”

“I don’t like it when girls are too needy or clingy. It makes me lose interest in them”

So Readers, what are some of the things you find bothersome about guys/girls. Which ones are the deal breakers for you? Let’s share them and discuss….

thats my big sis, she doesn’t like to smile…..




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