When pictures becomes the only memory you have…..Happy Birthday Father

I am sending across my best birthday wishes to the best dad I know. He may not be here now, but he’s forever in my heart. Happy birthday dad!
Dad, since you were gone, I have kept thinking about you and it pains me a lot. Happy birthday in heaven, I truly miss you.
Anywhere I am ,everywhere I go ,the image of you is what I see in all elderly men I meet on my way . I see you in everyone . You were too much of a father to lose…….
Daddy,  Wonderful birthday in heaven, daddy. I truly miss you. May the Angels celebrate you .
Destiny has already taken away my brightest star, and it’s you my daddy. Best birthday daddy!
It is hard to greet you wonderful bday on this special day of yours daddy. Wherever you are now, I just want to wish you a very happy birthday. It is painful to lose the one you treasure .
People won’t understand how you were to us . People won’t understand how deep the vacuum you left , You were a father and also a lover of children . Happy birthday our Hero .
Dad, wherever you are now… I just want you to know that regardless of how much we have fought, argued and misunderstood each other, you still end up being right. That is what my heart always know… I miss you dad, happy birthday World Best Dad . The Heaven Rejoice!
You won’t understand until pictures becomes the only memory you have……….
Bimbo Oke



Demi Oke

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