Women who went away together for plastic surgery are stopped from flying home because they look nothing like their passport pictures



Three women who had travelled to South Korea to undergo plastic surgery were reportedly stuck at the airport on their return journey because they looked too different from their passport pictures.

The trio, said to be from China, were recovering from their operations, as it appears, as they had swollen faces and bandages around their head.

They were said to look nothing like their passport photos and had been stopped from flying home, according to reports on Chinese-language media.


It’s believed that the three women, who remain unidentified, had taken the advantage of the ‘Golden Week’ and travelled to the neighbouring South Korea to undergo plastic surgery.

The picture was said to be posted by Jian Huahua, a Chinese news anchor, on her social media on October 8. It seems to have be removed by Ms Jian from her account.

One popular account, ‘The Beijing Things Beijingers Don’t Know’, managed to re-post the picture on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.

The post claimed that the three women had been prevented from leaving the airport. They were waiting for their identities to be confirmed.

The post also claimed that they were among the throngs of Chinese tourists who had gone to South Korea for plastic surgery during the eight-day national holiday..

While some people found the incident amusing, others argue that the women were within their rights to change their looks through surgery.

It is currently unclear when and if the women were allowed to return to China.

It's said that 99,000 Chinese tourists went to South Korea to undergo plastic surgery in 2016. In the file photo, a plastic surgeon checks a patient's post-operation condition in a consultation room at the clinic in Seoul, South Korea





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